Haustell Architecture has realized many projects in small and large scale areas. Today, residences, offices, cafes restaurants, hotels, showrooms, educational buildings, production facilities and commercial buildings are included in the study area.


We have an understanding of applying the design and material expectations of architecture with aesthetic detail solutions and effective production methods in a fast and reliable manner.

Project Management

Today, a large team of architects, interior designers, designers, procurement and construction departments continue to work in Haustell Architects' offices in Ankara and Kayseri.


  • WORK

Innovations that change in architecture and interior spaces offer to contemporary life; we design and implement timeless spaces that meet vital requirements with rational and technological solutions. We create functional, striking and stylish living spaces in our original designs. We combine our bold and different ideas with a contemporary vision that transforms into inspiring buildings, interiors, design products and objects.

We take care to use the materials that emphasize durability and long-term use in qualified application projects using the latest building element samples created by the technology. On the other hand, it reveals its different touches with its special object designs providing spatial integrity.

From the concept design to the implementation projects, from the construction process to the project management, the perception of difference in our services is combined with our vision, positive perspective and energy to interpret trends in an original way. As Yapı Studio Architecture, we continue to transform the dreamed architectural projects into a livable reality for you with our first day excitement.

We provide concept and visualization services for architectural and interior design projects by combining the needs of the place, employer and end user with our original and aesthetic design personality.